5 Interesting Facts You Don’t Know About Space


Space still manages to be a curiosity with its mysteriousness and beauty. Neither the discovery of the stars that look tiny from the earth in the sky, nor the information about the planets has been enough to reduce this uncertainty to some extent. Moon, stars, planets and many more celestial bodies continue to emerge and be revealed.

All these researches bring some interesting things with it. This emerging information has always managed to surprise human beings. Astronauts, scientists and organizations such as NASA, who traveled deep into space, have been the greatest means of conveying this information to us.

1.What was the first living thing sent to space?

Contrary to common knowledge, the first living thing sent into space was not a monkey or a dog, but fruit flies. Fruit flies were sent to space in 1947 by the USA with German-made V-2 missiles to observe the effects of space on living things. The biggest reason why the sent creature was chosen as a fruit fly was that they were similar to human beings in terms of diseases and genes.

2. The hottest planet is not the closest to the Sun

Maybe you know, maybe you did not know this information, but the hottest planet is not the closest to the sun. Mercury is the planet closest to the sun in terms of location, but not the hottest. Mercury does not have any atmosphere, and this planet is hot when the sun is facing directly (during the day). 

At this stage, Mercury’s temperature can rise to 425 degrees, but Mercury’s temperature can drop to -180 degrees at night. Venus is the hottest planet. Thick clouds raise the temperature of the Sun and Venus is always turning into a 500 degree hell!

3.You can cry in Space, but your tears don’t fall

On NASA’s ship, water floats like bubbles or spheres. However, there is a situation such as adhesion to the surface in the period until the water is displaced. This means a bubble has formed in your tears. This causes tears not to fall. While this may seem great, it also has its dangers. An astronaut named Luca Parmitano was in danger of drowning due to a leak in his suit on a spacewalk.

4. If there is a black hole, why is there no “white hole”? Actually there is

While the discoveries of the black holes have been made recently, the question of whether there is a “white hole” will come to anyone’s mind that he produced mathematical ideas about it. According to scientists, white holes are likely to exist mathematically, although they have not been discovered yet.

5.Planets without solid surfaces?

Actually some planets notably Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune do not have solid surfaces.Because of this fact we cannot walk on it.



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